Prediagnosis of Intellectual Property in Institutions and Enterprises

Intellectual property pre-diagnosis is a particularized study of the portfolio of intellectual property objects within the enterprise - patents, trademarks, industrial designs, objects protected by copyright and related rights, including also the activity of marketing,  management and efficient use thereof.      

Intellectual property pre-diagnosis aims to contribute to the improvement of the innovation  potential and  enhancement of competitiveness. Based on an objective analysis of the state of things, pre-diagnosis enables evaluation, improvement and enhancement of protection and potential of intellectual property, and gives the enterprise a perspective vision on its competitive assets generated by intellectual property in terms of both protection as well as use thereof. Pre-diagnosis allows to develop and diversify the fields of activity and  identify the internal competences of the enterprise for the implementation of a coherent  IP policy.

Intellectual property pre-diagnosis is primarily intended for SMEs, since, as opposed to large corporations, they have no special subdivisions exclusively involved in IP management.

Main objectives of intellectual property pre-diagnosis are as follows:

  • to familiarize the management and enterprise employees with the opportunities provided by intellectual property;
  • to direct enterprises towards development, exploitation and  launch on the market of new technologies and competitive goods, image improvement, asset value enhancement, obtaining benefits from the use of intellectual creations;
  • to raise awareness of the management of enterprises on the opportunity of registration (nationally and internationally), the results of intellectual activity performed or used within the enterprise;
  • to enhance the interest of SMEs in the exploitation of intellectual property and  ensure its efficient management.

When to apply the intellectual property pre-diagnosis service?

  • when  planning to enhance the competitiveness of goods and services;
  • when encountering registration difficulties of intellectual property objects (inventions, trademarks, industrial designs etc.);
  • when wishing to protect technological elaborations, goods and services;
  • when intending to use more efficiently new technologies, knowledge, information products, other intellectual property objects;
  • when pleading for a dominant position in the market, image improvement  of the enterprise, goods and services;
  • when intending to expand the outlet.

Why should you request the intellectual property pre-diagnosis service?

  • to estimate the innovation potential of the enterprise and the degree of utilization  thereof;
  • to establish appropriate approaches to protect intellectual products owned;
  • to diminishing the risk of counterfeit goods;
  • to reduce production costs and improve the quality of products / services.

How is the intellectual property pre-diagnosis carried out?

  • AGEPI experts shall visit the enterprise, where, together with you, they shall examine the state of things concerning the use and protection of intellectual property (products, technology, licenses, patents, trademarks, know-how, etc.);
  • the information gathered  shall be generalized and a report shall be drawn up comprising available intellectual property objects, effective approaches of their protection, particularized recommendations on how intellectual property can boost economic performance.

Other Information

Intellectual property pre-diagnosis services shall be provided free of charge to SMEs.

Confidentiality of information provided and  of the results of the study is guaranteed.

Further information may be obtained on tel.: 400-620, 400-629.