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Training in Intellectual Property

  • Training Courses

    The special training course in the field of intellectual property is organized in accordance with the provisions of Art. 7(2)f) and Art. 24 of Law No. 114/2014 on the State Agency on Intellectual Property, Education Code of the Republic of Moldova No. 152/2014, as well as the Regulation on the Organization of the Training Process in the Field of Intellectual Property and the course program, approved by order of the Director General of AGEPI No. 140 of 08.12.2020, with subsequent amendments.

    This course is a way to improve the knowledge and skills needed by stakeholders on the role of intellectual property in creating, protecting and promoting new competitive products, as well as in developing creative industries, and contributes significantly to increasing the level of knowledge of the field of intellectual property, in particular aspects related to the protection and enforcement of rights in intellectual property objects.

    The course is intended for a wide circle of students, who have graduated from the lyceum.

    Registration for the course is permanent throughout the year. The completed course registration forms can be submitted either directly to AGEPI headquarters, or by mail, fax or e-mail to the address In order to facilitate this process, the registration form for the special training course  in the field of intellectual property can be accessed on the official page of AGEPI.

    The course covers ten disciplines: introduction to intellectual property, intellectual property law, protection of trademarks, protection of geographical indications, appellations of origin and traditional specialties guaranteed, protection of industrial designs, protection of inventions, patent information and documents, protection of plant varieties, copyright and related rights, economics and intellectual property assessment and is organized full-time, in Romanian or Russian, depending on the requests.

    The duration of the studies is 148 hours, which will take place over 14 weeks, three times a week, on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, from 14.00 to 17.20.

    The course is organized at most twice a year, usually in autumn and spring, if a minimum of 10 persons register for it.

    The tuition fee is 120 euros.

    Registration Form

  • Disciplines in Intellectual Property Included in the Curricula


    Given the need and importance of developing skills in the field of intellectual property for the training of future specialists and recognizing the value of collaboration in the process of education, training and upgrading for professors and students in the field of intellectual property, the State Agency on Intellectual Property has initiated a productive dialogue with the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Moldova with a view to introduce in the academic curriculum, in all aspects of teaching and training students, the disciplines on intellectual property. To this end, meetings were held with rectors of higher education institutions, within which it was stated the opportunity of signing bilateral agreements between the AGEPI and these institutions. So far, there have been signed Cooperation Agreements in the field of intellectual property with 12 universities, namely: 

    • State University of Medicine and Pharmacy "Nicolae Testemitanu";
    • Moldova State University;
    • Technical University of Moldova;
    • Free International University in Moldova;
    • University of Academy of Sciences of Moldova;
    • „Bogdan Petriceicu Hașdeu” State University of Cahul;
    • Academy of Economic Studies of Moldova;
    • State Agrarian University of Moldova;
    • State Institute of International Relations of Moldova;
    • Comrat State University;
    • State University "A. Russo " of Balti;
    • Academy of Transport, Computer Science and Communication.

    The main objectives of the cooperation provided for in the agreements are as follows:

    • consolidation of efforts and effective use of intellectual and material potential available to institutions in the process of training and upgrading teachers and students in the field of intellectual property;
    • development of new skills for future specialists to contribute to the creation, legal protection and exploitation in practice of intellectual property objects;
    • creation of university services / centers for intellectual property and technology transfer, which will be aimed at developing intellectual property policies for the promotion, implementation and commercialization of the results of the innovative and scientific-technical activity created within the higher education institutions;
    • confirmation of the role and place of intellectual property in the social-economic and spiritual life of the country.

    In this context, it should be mentioned that, currently in the Republic of Moldova, teaching disciplines on intellectual property is carried out as follows:

    • Intellectual Property Law – 12 universities;
    • Innovation Management – 8 universities;
    • Economics of Intellectual Property – 3 universities;
    • Marketing of New Products – 3 universities;
    • Intellectual Property Protection – 1 university.
  • Informative Seminars

    Seminars within Thematic Exhibitions

    Promotion of the national intellectual property system through exhibitions has proved to be effective over time. By tradition, AGEPI actively participates in various national and international exhibitions, to streamline collaboration with the research-development-innovation sphere,   entrepreneurship / services, academia, the mass media institutions, involved in the IP information and communication process, disseminating relevant information, conducting marketing and consulting activities, etc.

    Within the national exhibitions, organized in Chisinau and in the country, as well as within the international exhibitions, AGEPI specialists take part in related actions (seminars, round tables, trainings) with communications on IP national legislation, procedures for the protection of inventions, plant varieties, trademarks and industrial designs, geographical indications, appellation of origin and traditional specialties guaranteed, their protection benefits for local producers, IPO evaluation, the role of brand in promoting goods and services, etc.   

    Also, AGEPI promotes and stimulates innovation activity in the Republic of Moldova, ensuring participation of national inventors in the international exhibitions.

    Participation in seminars is free of charge!

    Thematic seminars launched by AGEPI

    For the purpose of disseminating information on the national system of protection, observance of intellectual property rights and combatting counterfeiting and piracy, AGEPI organizes, in line with the work program, a series of informative seminars, roundtables and workshops. Information on the topic of the events and the target group can be found under the heading News (Announcements).

    Participation in seminars is free of charge!

    Thematic seminars requested by companies, university and pre-university institutions, research and innovation institutions, etc.

    For the purpose of getting familiarized with the national system of protection, exploitation and enforcement of intellectual property rights, seminars on different IP segments may be requested.

    The seminars are conducted free of charge, within AGEPI, upon availability, or at the premises of the beneficiaries.

    Seminars may be requested on

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