Total Number of Applications for Registration of Trademarks Filed with the AGEPI


Trademarks represent most of the industrial property objects for which protection is sought. Since 1993 and until now, there have been filed over 117 thousand applications for trademark protection in the territory of the Republic of Moldova with the State Agency on Intellectual Property (AGEPI). About 41 thousand applications have been filed by national route, and nearly 77 thousand - by international route.

We note that, trademark registration is an important step in the activity of any economic agent as it provides protection over its competitors. On the other hand a trademark represents a guarantee of quality of products and services for consumers.

It should be recalled that a trademark registration confers on the holder the exclusive right over a trademark. The holder of the trademark is the only person that is entitled to use the trademark and prevent third parties from using in their commercial activity, without its consent a sign identical or similar to its trademark if the third person, after use of the sign without legitimate grounds, takes unfair advantage from the distinctive character or reputation of the trademark.