The Top of Trademark Registration Applications in 2015


During 2015, the State Agency on Intellectual Property (AGEPI) received 5363 trademark registration applications. Under national procedure were filed 1982 applications from 46 countries, the largest weight appertaining to natural persons and enterprises from the Republic of Moldova who submitted 1403 applications.

Under the Madrid System procedure 3381 applications were received for the registration of trademarks from 61 Contracting Parties.

Overall, the applications filed in 2015 with the AGEPI come from applicants from 77 countries. Thus, the distribution of applications by the countries of residence of the applicants, irrespective of the procedure under which they were filed, is as follows: Moldova 1408 applications, United States of America with 450 applications (with 19% more compared to 2014), Russian Federation with 383 applications, Germany with 359 applications, OHIM (European Community) with 353 applications, Switzerland with 322 applications, Hungary with 214 applications (with 65% more), Turkey with 200 applications, Ukraine with 195 applications, Italy with 176 applications (with 19% more compared to 2014).

Most applications for registration of trademarks were filed by foreign companies “Richter Gedeon Nyrt” in Hungary - 219 applications, “LIDL STIFUND & CO” in Germany - 106 applications, “Apple Inc.” in the USA - 93 applications, “Egis Giosezar Zirt” in Hungary - 83 applications, “Philip Morris Brands S.A.R.L” in the USA - 70 applications and “Kaufland Warenhandel GmbH & Co. KG” in Germany - 50 applications.

The top of 5 classes of goods and services for which were filed trademark protection registration applications, reflects the fields of activity of the companies in the top applicants, is composed of: pharmaceuticals (first place), trade administration services (second place), foodstuffs (third place), apparatus and scientific instruments/computers (fourth place) and cosmetics (fifth place).

Providing trademark protection is an important step in the work of any company that wants to promote a product or service, distinguishing it from those of competitors by means of distinctive elements.

There may be registered as trademarks words (including personal names), letters, numbers, drawings, combinations of colors, figurative elements, three-dimensional shapes, particularly the shape of goods or of their packaging, as well as any combination of these signs.

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