The index of AGEPI editions proposed to subscription for the 2010 comprises the following periodicals:

  • The Official Bulletin of Industrial Property (BOPI)
  • The intellectual property journal “Intellectus” with
  • the supplement „AGEPI-Info”.

Subscription cost

  • BOPI (paper) – 220 Leis for 3 months, 440 Leis for 6 months, 875 Leis a year;
  • BOPI (CD) – 90 Leis for 3 months, 180 Leis for 6 months, 360 Leis a year;
  • “Intellectus” (paper) – 110 Leis for 6 months, 220 Leis a year;
  • “Intellectus” (CD) – 70 Leis for 6 months, 140 Leis a year;
  • „AGEPI-Info”(paper)- 70 Leis for 6 months, 140 Leis a year.

Information and Documentation Center in the field of Intellectual Property (CID PI) under AGEPI commercializes several publications edited by the Agency.

After payment of the subscription cost the beneficiary is included in the “List of distributing the publications in 2010” that will be transferred by mail. Optional the publications may be issued in CID PI.

The details are placed in the compartment CID PI on the site

  • The Official Bulletin of Industrial Property (BOPI) is issued monthly includes official data on the patent applications/registrations of the industrial property objects (IPO) in the Republic of Moldova and granted titles of protection, on amendments in the legal statute of IPO, as well as on the results of the examination of oppositions in the Appeals Board AGEPI, courts decisions regarding to the contests related with the IPO, general information.
  • The intellectual property journal “Intellectus” is issued from 1995 quarterly. Today The National Council of Testing and Accreditation (CNNA) is a co-editor of the journal. The Journal makes a part of the List of the scientific publications in the fields: rights, technology. Biology, chemistry, economy. The Journal multilaterally reports different aspects of the intellectual property, provisions of the national and international legislation in the field IP, published studies signed by the investigators and inventors in the different matters of the scientce, economy and technology.
  • The supplement “AGEPI Info” comprising the heading “Bursa inventiilor”, tackles different aspects of intellectual property protection, the modes of obtaining and realization of rights and using the IP objects, publishes data on the intellectual thesaurus of the country, reproduces some material of the writing and electronic press relating the intellectual property.