A New Meeting of the Advisory Working Group on Collective Management


On February 18, 2016, in the premises of the State Agency on Intellectual Property (AGEPI), was held the second meeting of the Advisory Working Group on Collective Management.

The meeting was attended by specialists of AGEPI, and also representatives of the National Anti-Corruption Center, Chisinau Court of Appeal, Broadcasting Coordinating Council, Ministry of Economy and Ministry of Culture.

The meeting aimed at identifying effective solutions to unblock the situation in the field of collective management by providing functionality and avoiding litigation in court, so that authors and right holders may collect royalties for the exploitation of their creations.

The meeting was moderated by Andrei Popa, counselor of AGEPI Director General. In opening the meeting, Andrei Popa said that it is required the involvement of public authorities and courts to transform the system of collective management in a functional one and bring clarity for authors and users in terms of achieving the main tasks of the collective management organizations: accumulation and distribution of remuneration to copyright holders fairly and in proportion to the actual value and exploitation of works and objects of related rights.

Advisory Working Group’s recommendations will be considered in the decision-making process of the AGEPI Commission approving the organizations for collective management of economic copyright and related rights.

AGEPI initiated the establishment of the Advisory Working Group on Collective Management in order to ensure transparency and fairness of decision-making and improve law enforcement practice and create conditions for effective legal protection and defense of copyright and related rights.

The first meeting of the Advisory Working Group was held on December 28, 2015. Representatives of the group will also meet in other meetings during 2016 to discuss topics in the field of copyright protection, especially those related to collective management.