An Industrial Design Protected and Successfully Implemented in Chisinau


Thursday, May 14, 2015, AGEPI representatives participated in the presentation of the project “Le gardien des souvenirs” (“The guard of memories”), a symbol that preserves (“watches over”) some beautiful stories of life. In this project there were created the famous “lovers’ banks” by young designer Mihai Stamati, lecturer at the Technical University of Moldova (TUM), which were installed in the Park-outdoor museum of art of TUM in the fourth edition of the Exhibition of creative works of students “Creation Opens Up the Universe”.

The project was conducted by the author in a residency scholarship offered by the Romanian Cultural Institute in France. After being displayed in Paris, the bank was registered as an industrial design in the Republic of Moldova (MD) and European Union (EU) using the Hague System for the International Registration of Industrial Designs

At the proposal of TUM rector, acad. Ion Bostan, the author has implemented this project in the Republic of Moldova, in collaboration with TUM. Thus, it was produced a small series of such banks, which today adorn the park-outdoor museum of art in the Rascani campus of TUM. It should be mentioned that the designer Mihai Stamati pay increased attention to not only the external appearance of his creations, but also the protection of intellectual property rights in his creations.

The aforesaid event was attended by the Minister of Culture Monica Babuc, TUM rector, academician Ion Bostan, AGEPI representatives, professors and students of TUM, stakeholders and mass media representatives.

Ms. Minister gave high assessment to the idea of ​​placing these particular banks in a public place in Chisinau, manifesting satisfaction that in the Republic of Moldova there are so creative young people. Ms. Monica Babuc suggested that the idea must be continued – valentine banks be used in all the parks in Chisinau!

State Agency on Intellectual Property represented by Simion Levitchi, Director of Trademarks, Industrial Designs Department, presented to designer Mihai Stamati the Diploma of special mention for the project “Guards of Memories”.

At the end of the event attendees had the opportunity to leave a message to the author with their impressions about the project with ribbons, which were later to be related to banks located in the TUM Park.