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The Day of Inventor and Rationalizer-2009


Already 14th year in a row, at the end of June is marking a beautiful and significant professional holiday - Day of the Inventor and Rationalizer established by Presidential Decree No.. 193 of 19. 06. 1995.

Traditionally, this year the Festival will be held the current June 26 on 13.00, in the conference room of the Confederation of Trade Unions of Moldova. Organizers of the event, the Union of Inventors and Rationalizers “Innovatorul” and the State Agency on Intellectual Property, invited to the ceremony representatives of ASM, the National Board for Certification and Accreditation, the Supreme Council for Science and Technological Development, Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the National Confederation of Unions, researchers, inventors and rationalizers, representatives of higher education institutions, the central public administration authorities, patent attorneys, well-known personalities in the field of research-innovation and implementation-production.

Currently, along with academic institutions and the universities, many other institutions and enterprises elaborate technologies, processes, installations, new materials which they use in effective producing. Among those there are nominated: National Institute for Viticulture and Wine-making, Institute of Agricultural Engineering “MECAGRO”, Institute of Food Technologies, Scientific and Technical Enterprise “OENOLAB LTD, etc.

During the festive meeting the most active of the inventors and rationalizers of the year will be mentioned with diplomas and prizes awarded by UIR “Innovator”. Here also will take place an exhibition with the most relevant information materials in the field of protection and promotion of IP, published under the auspice of AGEPI.

Also, AGEPI will award the winners of the Competition “The invention -2008”, which is organized every year in order to popularize, promote and stimulate innovative activities in Moldova. To the competition there are allowed patents on inventions and certificates of utility models, issued by AGEPI or abroad during the last 3 years and have a positive impact on national economy. Priority is given to inventions and utility models whose recovery in production has resulted in tangible economic effects.

From year to year, inventors of Moldova more convincingly confirm our inventive status, winning many international awards. In the first half of this year, Moldovan inventors have successfully participated at the International Salon of Industrial Property Archimedes” in Moscow, the International Exhibition of Inventions, Technologies and New Products in Geneva, the most important for the world of this kind, the International Exhibition of Inventions “PRO INVENT” in Cluj-Napoca, International Exhibition of Inventions, Research and Technology Transfer ”INVENTICA-2008” from Iasi, Romania. The works presented at these events by the Moldovan inventors are rewarded with 60 gold, silver and bronze.

Our Republic has a rich human potential, which contributes effectively to economic recovery, but has to be supported and encouraged at the state level, including the facilities provided in the process of protection and implementation of the inventions.

In order to inform the public and sustain the activity of inventors and rationalizers, AGEPI regularly disseminates information on patent activity, the exhibition achievements of inventors of Moldova in the Republican media, organizes activities to promote intellectual property, various seminars, courses and consultations for representatives of business sphere, including SMEs. Recently, AGEPI organized 4 seminars-trainings for representatives of the research / development sphere, responsible for recording the results of the scientific research programs and projects financed from state budget.

AGEPI activity in the field of support, promotion and protection of intellectual product, technical creationsof the Moldovan inventors in the country and abroad every year register appreciable results, aimed to promote technical developments and technology for improving, transformations in order to make better not only for goods produced by businesses, but also the activity of scientific, culture, education, health care institutions etc. However, inventions and rationalizer’s proposals are appreciated primarily by their economic, social, environmental, informational effect, what do our level of life more qualified and the country’s economy more advanced.