Committee on Development and Intellectual Property, under full deployment in Geneva


At the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) continues the work of the Committee on Development and Intellectual Property, convened on 11-15 April 2016. The event is also attended by a Moldovan delegation headed by the General Director of the State Agency on Intellectual Property (AGEPI), Octavian Apostol.

The sessions are led by the newly elected President of the Committee on Development and Intellectual Property, His Excellency, Permanent Representative of Peru to the UN Office in Geneva, Mr. Ambassador Luis Enrique Chávez Basagoitia.

The sessions are attended by 80 delegates from WIPO Member States and representatives of international and national organizations. In the early days of activity, the Member States discussed most of the topics on the agenda of the current session.

Discussions are focused on assessing the stage of implementation of the WIPO Development Agenda recommendations, the degree of implementation of the technical assistance projects and identifying future activities. Until now, there were heard and discussed several documents, studies and reports prepared for the current session. Particular interest presented the report of WIPO Director General, Francis Gurry, on the degree of implementation of the Development Agenda, report that reflects both the results obtained and the way in which WIPO provides the transposition of commitments under the Development Agenda recommendations and principles.

Member States took note of and discussed the Project on Strengthening and Development of Audiovisual Sector in Burkina Faso and Certain African Countries, being supported the proposal to launch a new phase to ensure continuity of results obtained in the first phase of implementation. On the margins of some projects under deployment or proposed for consideration were requested additional information. Thus, with reference to the mapping of Activities under the South-South cooperation program and of activities relating to the Millennium Development Goals, Member States requested the Secretariat to come up with updated information on these programs in terms of the role and activities of WIPO focused on their achievement.

Discussions continued on the recommendations contained in the Report of external evaluation of the technical assistance provided by WIPO in the field of development cooperation, report by Carolyn Deere Birkbeck and Santiago Roca and containing proposals to improve the format of technical assistance.

For Thursday, April 14 are planned discussions on assistance projects under way, a large part of them targeting assistance programs for strengthening institutional capacities of developing states and transition countries, mainly universities and research institutions to assimilate innovative potential and ensure knowledge transfer and knowledge to industry.

These days, the Moldovan delegation headed by the Director General of AGEPI, Octavian Apostol, had a series of meetings with WIPO officials responsible for the various sectors of the Organization.

Meeting of the delegation with Michal Svantner, Director of the Department for Developed Countries and Countries in Transition, targeted mainly the AGEPI - WIPO bilateral relations. The talks focused on joint activities in progress and organization of the regional seminar for judges which is planned for the month of November 2016, as well as long-term actions aimed at strengthening the institutional capacities of AGEPI in the field of IT, making more effective the system of protection of copyright and collective management and promotion of IP knowledge among younger generations.

During the meeting with David Hopperger, Director for Legal Issues and Consultancy, Trademarks and Design Sector, were discussed the priorities of bilateral and multilateral cooperation in the field of trademarks and geographical indications. They identified joint actions to strengthen the system of protection in Moldova of geographical indications and appellations of origin, especially in the context of signing by Moldova of the Geneva Act.