Celebration of the 15-th anniversary of independence of the Republic of Moldova in AGEPI


In accordance with the plan of jubilee actions approved by the Government, on August 22-27 in the Republic of Moldova will take place a set of official and cultural-artistic manifestations in occasion of 15-th anniversary of proclamation of the independence of the Republic of Moldova.

The holiday will also be held in the state institutions in the framework of some festive meeting. The State Agency on Intellectual Property organized for its turn a festive meeting of all the collaborators of the institution dedicated the declaration of 15-th anniversary of independence of the Republic of Moldova.

The leaders of AGEPI in the name of Stefan Novac, Director General, Ion Daniliuc and Dorian Chirosca, Vice-directors general congratulated the staff, accentuating the fact that the republic is in an important stage of stability in evolution. “Valuating the activity of the collaborators of AGEPI in the sense of the common efforts applied during those 15 years by the citizens of the country in statement and development of the state independence of the Republic of Moldova in the new historical conditions, I consider that we have all the grounds to be satisfied with the obtained results and to affirm that today in the Republic of Moldova the field of the intellectual property for which we are responsible is on the high level, attract attention and protection that it merits in the modern society” – said Stefan Novac, Director general AGEPI.

Moreover, there was accentuated that the objectives that the Republic of Moldova aspire to realize may be achieved only with the efforts of the integral society. Perseverance, hardworking, initiative spirit, courage in relation to any difficulties lay the foundation of these new stages of existence of the country and will facilitate the transfer to the new stage.