26 Years since the Adoption of the Constitution of the Republic of Moldova


Today, the Republic of Moldova marks the 26th anniversary of the Constitution. The supreme and main law of the Republic of Moldova was adopted by the Parliament on July 29, 1994 and entered into force on August 27, 1994.

The Constitution is the fundamental law of the state that defines the attributes of the state, its principles of operation and its main objectives. It contains the most important principles of economic, political, social and legal life, as well as the values ​​on which our country is based: the separation of powers in the state, the fundamental rights and freedoms of citizens, independence of justice, political pluralism, etc.

The Constitution is the legal basis of the entire legislation, on which the entire institutional and normative ensemble is based. The Fundamental Law is a body of principles and norms that paved the way for the affirmation of the fundamental values ​​of the rule of law and the market economy, a guarantee of fundamental human rights and the functioning of basic state institutions, providing the necessary framework for establishing a system of government based on the inalienable rights of humanity.

The Constitution of the Republic of Moldova is the document with the highest regulatory authority in the public, political and social life of the country. Symbol of the people’s struggle for freedom, democracy and human rights, the Constitution reminds every citizen of the sacred duty to serve the country in faith, to defend at all costs the unity, sovereignty and independence of the Republic of Moldova.

One of the fundamental rights guaranteed by the supreme law is the right of citizens to intellectual property enshrined in Art. 33 of the country’s Constitution. AGEPI, as a central administrative authority, joins all state institutions empowered to ensure the observance of constitutional rights of persons and makes every effort to build in the Republic of Moldova the rule of law and constitutional order.