AGEPI announces a Special Regime of Work during the State of Emergency declared in the Republic of Moldova


In the context of the establishment of a state of emergency from March 17 to May 15 this year and the introduction of quarantine measures on the territory of the Republic of Moldova, the State Agency on Intellectual Property (AGEPI) announces a special regime of work for this period.

Thus, in order to avoid the risk of spreading COVID-19, in order to protect AGEPI staff and applicants, the activity will be carried out as follows:

  • Filing of applications for patenting/registration of intellectual property objects will be carried out mainly online, 24/24, through the e-AGEPI service (

To facilitate the online filing process, you can consult:

- User Guide to the Electronic Service, which offers practical instructions for the convenience of operating within the system,

- Guide for Online Filing of IPO Applications and Online_Filing.pdf,

- Guide for Online Payment of Fees,

or you can contact us by mobile phone number 079881774.

For details on how to file documents on paper, please call 022 400505;

  • Payment of all fees for the services with legal significance in the field of protection of intellectual property objects, as well as for other services provided by AGEPI, will be made by bank transfer or through the MPay payment system (for the applications filed online).

Payment accounts can be requested at and by mobile phone number 079881775;

  • Consultations on the registration of intellectual property objects and other necessary information will be available by calling 022400506.

If urgent travel is required at AGEPI, please observe all preventive measures and hygiene rules to reduce the spread of COVID-19.