Webinar: Counterfeiting Phenomenon in the Republic of Moldova


The State Agency on Intellectual Property (AGEPI) invites all interested persons to participate in a webinar entitled “Counterfeiting Phenomenon in the Republic of Moldova”. The event will be held online on April 22 and is organized by the Henri Capitant Moldova Legal Culture Association, in cooperation with AGEPI, on the occasion of World Intellectual Property Day, which is marked annually on April 26.

The purpose of the event is to inform participants about the impact of piracy and counterfeit products on the business environment and society.

Issues related to the creation, legal protection and use of intellectual property objects, enforcement of intellectual property rights in the Republic of Moldova, as well as challenges for our country and possible solutions will be addressed during the event.

The event will be organized online. Those interested in participating are encouraged to register at the following link - https://forms.gle/QnussEnyL5wLoqJKA.

After the event, participants will receive a certificate in electronic format that will confirm active participation in the webinar.