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The new form of organization of the efficient IPO protection system


The current September 20, in AGEPI took place the round table “Realization of the objectives of the Plan of activity RM-EU in the field of intellectual property”. The event gathered representatives of some non-governmental organizations (Center of the analysis and prevention of corruption (CAPC), Center of the Initiative on the Rights of the Consumer, Institute of the Penal Reforms (IRP), Association “ The young people for the right on life”), representatives in the industrial property, collaborators AGEPI.

“The monthly meetings with representatives of the civil society, carried out with the aim to establish relations of cooperation and familiarization of the public with the new provisions of the IP legislation, already became the traditional ones” – said in his welcome speech Ion Daniliuc, vice-director general of AGEPI. “AGEPI is responsible on creation of the provisions of the legislation on registration, utilization and protection of the IP rights, making the considerable efforts on harmonization of the national legislation with that communitarian one. The specialists of AGEPI initiated this year a n unexampled action, working on the amendments of 5 laws on the industrial property and the law on the author right and related rights. In this process were also engaged the European advisers, interested ministries, taking in consideration all the given proposals” – accentuated I. Daniliuc.

In view of the fact that many applications on the legal protection arrive from the trademarks owners (today being registered about 60 thousand applications), in this field there is marked the largest number of disputes. The law on trademarks protection provokes a great interest. In the frame of this round table there were represented the draft of the law, being accentuate differences between the old and new provisions. Natalia Mogol, head Section national trademarks, AGEPI, made a comparative analysis, attracting attention of the public on the new regulations introduced in the law draft.

The conceptions such as: ‘the trademark of the agent/representative”, “signs of the great symbolic value”, “limiting the rights resulting from the owner negligence”, “specific character of the transfer of rights”, “exhausting the rights conferred by the trademark”, “trademarks – the state property” etc., provoked the heated debates, suggesting new ideas in order to improve the legislation in the field of trademarks protection.

The following meeting with the ONG representatives will be organized on October 18, 2007.