New Application on Inventions, Patents and Inventors


In recent years, AGEPI has put emphasis on transparency and free access to information of general interest in the field of IP, thus within the institution was created a new application on inventions, inventors and patents registered in the Republic of Moldova by national and international way – Patent Information Landscape.

The need for such application arose from increasingly frequent requests of interested persons from different fields of activity, in the context in which patent information represents a special category of techno-scientific information, has an undeniable importance for economic development and applied research for any country.

Due to its specific character, patent information besides techno-scientific information as such, contains valuable legal and business information. Experts have estimated that over 80% of patent information is not found in other sources. The annual number of patent applications filed worldwide is approaching three million, and for utility models, by which small inventions are protected - surpassed 1 million. At the same time the annual number of patents issued reached 1.2 million patents.

Although access to patent information is free for at least developed countries or countries in transition, its effective use is a priority for all states, which want a sustainable development. Due to insufficient use of patent information, according to data of the European Patent Office (EPO), up to 30% of expenditure for research & development are wasted due to reinventing already existing inventions. Monitoring of patents is an effective way to avoid duplication in research & development sector.

Thus, Patent Information Landscape application, in essence, is a tool for processing information contained in the National Database “Inventions”, which comes to highlight both patent information at the national level and specific statistical data of socio-economic interest.

The application highlights the number of patent applications received in total by national and international way; geographical distribution of national inventors and applicants; patent applications filed by foreign applicants; geographical distribution of foreign applicants; top inventors and applicants from the Republic of Moldova; top foreign applicants; thematic distribution of applications, according to the main sections of the International Patent Classification (IPC); shares of the categories of applicants for each main section of the CIB; thematic distribution of applications, according to IPC sections; top areas of interest of the national and foreign applicants; rate of patents maintained in force by different categories of owners; maintenance in force of patents; rate of women in relation to men inventors; top women inventors; patenting abroad; top patents cited by examiners; geographical distribution of patents cited by examiners; top patent cited by applicants; geographical distribution of patents cited by applicants; top patent attorneys who represent national applicants; top patent attorneys who represent foreign applicants; patent profile of the inventor, etc.

Patent Information Landscape application is intended for inventors, patent applicants, patent attorneys, people from research & development environment, business environment, public authorities, mass media, etc.

Patent Panorama is a simple and convenient for use application, because:

  • generates the data automatically and daily,
  • is an on-line management system,
  • is accessible in three languages,
  • permits data export and print in other programs and
  • is free of charge

It should be mentioned that such platforms, containing statistical and analysis data on patents and patent information worldwide, are managed by large commercial companies in the field, as well as international and regional organizations (World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), European Patent Office (EPO)). At the national level there are few national intellectual property offices that offer this type of analytical information. Thus, by this application, AGEPI comes to make available to all interested persons, new and freely available information on inventions protected in the Republic of Moldovan.

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