The First Stage of the Contest in the Field of Intellectual Property for Young People was concluded


At the end of May, the State Agency on Intellectual Property (AGEPI), in partnership with the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Moldova, the State Office for Inventions and Trademarks in Romania (OSIM) and the Romanian Office for Copyright (ORDA) launched a contest for young people in the field of intellectual property.

In the first stage, which ended on 10 July, 54 participants from both the Republic of Moldova and Romania registered on-line. All candidates meet the criteria set out in the Regulations for the organization and operation of the Contest, namely: young people from the Republic of Moldova and Romania who study in the general, 9th-12th grade, vocational, secondary and post-secondary vocational education institutions.

In the second stage, the admitted participants will answer a number of questions in the field of intellectual property, and then prepare a communication in the field of IP in the final stage.

We remind you that the Contest aims to promote the intellectual property system, sensitize young people on the counterfeiting and piracy phenomena, develop skills and competitive spirit, create a communication environment among young people interested in intellectual property, and foster the exchange of views and experience.

We wish further success to the participants signed up for the first stage.