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The Conference dedicated to the economic matters of the intellectual property


In November 22-23, 2007 in AGEPI will take place the VI-th International Scientific-Practical Conference with the title: “The economic development based on the knowledge”. The co-organizers of the Conference dedicated to the economic matters of the intellectual property are: State Agency on Intellectual Property, State Agency on Protection of the Competition, The Institute of Economy, Finances and Statistics.

The subject matter of the Conference:

  • Innovation – the determinant factor of the economy growth;
  • Investments in the research-innovation and the human capital;
  • The Intellectual capital and specific function thereof;
  • The regulation of the intangible assets;
  • Modes of the unfair competition control;
  • The technology transfer;
  • Valuation and evidence of the intangible assets;
  • Innovational motivations;
  • The role of the innovational strategies and innovational projects in the economical realizations;
  • Integration of the Republic of Moldova in the world innovational space.

    The offer of participation in the Conference including the communication title, name and forename of the author(s), occupation and duties, telephone number, e-mail address, shall be send up to October 15, 2007 in the address: State Agency on Intellectual Property, MD-2024, mun. Chisinau, str. A. Doga 24/1, bir. 511; e-mail –

    The communications shall be presented not later than November 5, 2007.

    Requirements to the communications:

  • The title – capital letters bold16, centered;
  • The name and forename of the authors (completely);
  • The academic degree, the scientific- didactic title;
  • Job and duties;
  • The material volume – maximum 8 pages;
  • The communications shall include the bibliography;
  • The text shall be typed with the interval 1,5 and font 14, format A4 where shall be made the limits: from the left – 30 mm, from above and from below – 25 mm, from the right – 15 mm.
  • The communication sent by e-mail shall be represented later on the paper carrier, signed by the authors, typed on the computer in the program Word for Windows, font Times New Roman.
  • The communications shall be performed taking in account the rules stylistic, orthographic, as well by consulting the special dictionaries.
  • The author(s) is responsible on the accuracy of the figures, numbers, denominations etc.

    The reporters shall not pay the fee for the participation. The abode shall be paid by the participants. On the request of the participants the organizers will order the hotel.

    The communications will be published in a special edition.

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