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On April 26, 2010, WIPO celebrates 10 th anniversary of the World Intellectual Property Day and the 40-th anniversary of the entry into force of the Convention establishing WIPO


Most people are aware of the existence of intellectual property (IP), in particular copyright, patents, industrial designs and trademarks. However, many still believe that these concepts apply to the business and law and are not required for their lives. To remove this shortcoming, in 2000. WIPO Member States decided to establish and annually celebrate the World Day of Intellectual Property. For this event they chose April 26 - the day when in 1970 entered into force the Convention establishing WIPO.

WIPO and its Member States celebrate annually the World Day of Intellectual Property, conducting confined to that date, information activities. Their goal - to gain a better understanding of the general public of what really constitutes the IP, and to show how the IP system not only promotes the development of music, art and entertainment, but also the creation of innovative products and technologies that define the face of the world around us.

Marking the World Day of Intellectual Property has the following objectives:

  • raising the information level on how patents, copyrights and related right, trademarks and industrial designs influence on our daily life;
  • awareness of the fact how the intellectual property rights protection promotes the creativity and innovation;
  • recognizing the creativity and contribution of the authors and inventors to the social development;
  • encouraging the respect for intellectual property rights.

The message of Mr. Francis Gurry, Director General of WIPO.