AGEPI Supports Creative Young People


On  4 May this year, the Technical University of Moldova (TUM) organized the Exhibition of Students’ Works „Creation Opens the Universe”, 8th edition. The event took place within the premises of the ICT-TEKWILL Training and Innovation Center.

The exhibition included exhibits in the areas of interior, industrial, clothing and printing design, architectural and energetic works, machine and mechanical engineering, ICT, and bioenergetics, radio and telecommunications, civil engineering and transport, food technology and environmental protection.

The opening ceremony of the exhibition was attended by the TUM Rector, Viorel Bostan, Minister of Education, Culture and Research Monica Babuc, Director General of the State Agency on Intellectual Property (AGEPI) Lilia Bolocan, Signe Burgstaller, Ambassador of Sweden to the Republic of Moldova, as well as representatives of the partners of the Technical University of Moldova, heads of institutions and enterprises, etc.

The agenda of the exhibition included 3 public lessons and two presentations of clothing products, meant to motivate lyceum pupils and the general public to discover engineering creation and engineering implications in everyday life.

Also, the BEST Chisinau Local Group, with the support of the Technical University of Moldova, organized the Rube Goldberg Contest, where the teams built a Rube Goldberg car, which had to perform the function of turning a sheet from a book. The judging criteria were: car running without the intervention of the participants, the complexity of the car, but also the aesthetic aspect of the car. The purpose of the contest was to create a competitive environment for the student, as well as to challenge him to manifest his creativity and inventiveness.

Traditionally, AGEPI participated with a stand,  in which it organized the dissemination of information on the protection of intellectual property among participants. At the same time, AGEPI experts participated in the judging of the works presented at the Rube Goldberg Student Contest „RG-TUM 2018” and rewarded with a special prize the most creative and innovative work of the students of the Technical University of Moldova.