AGEPI became the official partner of “StartUp-Moldova” Project - online funding platform for youth


On 18 March this year, the State Agency on Intellectual Property of the Republic of Moldova (AGEPI) attended the launch of the project “StartUp-Moldova”, initiated by the Public Association “StartMoldova”.

“StartUp-Moldova” is an online platform which aims to support youth in implementing creative projects, by allocation of financial contributions by sponsors within a specified period.

If the creative project accumulates the necessary budget within the proposed term, each person who contributed to its financial support receives from the developer of the creative project a reward, established at the time of project placement on the StartUp-Moldova platform.

Thus, in order to encourage young people from Moldova to generate creative ideas and projects, and to promote the national intellectual property system, AGEPI will participate as an official partner and will provide, if necessary, free advice on the protection of intellectual property rights.

The online platform will be implemented in early May, and more details can be found on the website