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“Moldovan trademark – European quality”. National exhibition “Made in Moldova - 2006”


On current January 31 in the frame of the International Exhibition Center “Moldexpo” there took place the inauguration of the V-th national exhibition “Made in Moldova”. The generic of the current year exhibition “The Moldovan trademark – European quality” is dictated by the irreversible integration course of our country in the European Unity. The exhibition is organized by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, National Association of producers of Moldova and Agro industrial Agency “Moldova-Vin”, under the aegis of the Government. The president Vladimir Voronin, vice-president Vasile Tarlev, representatives of public central and local organizations, businessmen, scientists, delegations and entrepreneurs from ISC and other countries took part in the ceremony of the inauguration.

The aim of the exhibition consists in realization of the Strategy of the Economic Growth and Poverty Decrease of the program “Moldovan village”, creation of the favourable conditions for the promotion of the autochthonous producer, the competitive development of the autochthonous product, as well as export of the products and services.

For the first time the exhibition consists of three specialized compartments: “Moldova-Vin represents”, “Food products” and “Industrial goods”.

The specialists of the State Agency on Intellectual Property (AGEPI) represent in the frame of the exhibition an informational stand, rendering to the participants of the exhibition the competent consultations on the modalities of the intellectual property protection in the country and abroad.

Moreover, in the frame of the additional program of the exhibition including more conferences, seminars, round tables, AGEPI organizes two round tables on the intellectual property protection: on January 31, - “The brand is the most important intangible assets of the enterprise” and on the February 3, - “Quality management system and intellectual property – the important factors of the process of improvement of the quality and providing the competitive ability for autochthonous goods and services”. This is a perfect opportunity to initiate the entrepreneurs, businessmen, representatives of the enterprises with the need of the IPO protection, the IPO role in the raising the bid of the economy, in providing the efficient producing activity.

For majority of the autochthonous producers the participation in the national exhibition “Made in Moldova” constitutes a confirmation of the leading position in the autochthonous market, a good start for promoting the national brands. This is why carrying out the republican competition “The commercial trademark of the year” is a useful event. The winners of this competition will be nominated for the third time in the current edition of the exhibition “Made in Moldova”. The first competition had been held in February 2003 by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, National Association of Producers and State Agency on Industrial property Protection (AGEPI).

The competition “The commercial trademark of the year” was conceived with the aim to propagate the role of corporative image of the companies by means of the trademarks on goods and services, informational assistance to the enterprises in the field of efficient technologies and marketing, unification of the efforts of the national producers with a view to create the favourable conditions for the entrepreneurs activity and of the healthy competitive medium, by producing the goods and rendering services of high quality.

In the competition take part legal persons, enterprises and organizations of the Republic of Moldova, utilizing the commercial trademarks for designation of the material goods and services rendered on the territory of the republic. There were admitted any types of commercial marks for goods and services on the assumption of registration thereof in AGEPI.

During the competition there were registered about 80 economic agents being represented about 110 projects. The main criteria of appreciation of the trademarks-competitors are: quality of products and services designated therewith, sales volume/realized sales at utilization of the trademarks, grade of market popularity etc.

The presentation of the prizes at the current edition of the competition “The commercial trademark of the year” is programmed for the current February 3. As well as during the precedent editions the prizes will be presented according to five nominations: “The debut of the year”, the trademark “Fidelity” (the most well-known trademark of the year), the mark “Export” (the most well-known national trademark in abroad), the mark “Inter” (international commercial trademarks known and utilized in the Republic of Moldova), the mark “Excellence”. Those nominalizations shall be distributed between the producers of three categories of goods:
• Food products;
• Industrial goods;
• Services.

The winners will be awarded to the diploma, prizes, including Grand Prix “The Golden Mercury” (a statuette representing the god of the commerce Mercury).

The information on participants will be located in the catalogue “The most well-known commercial trademarks”, which will be distributed to the chambers of commerce and industry of ISC, Baltic countries, other foreign countries, diplomatic missions etc.