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There were designated the winners of the National Contest “Best Innovative Pupil”, seventh edition


On May 18, within the premises of the Central Scientific Library “Andrei Lupan” of the Academy of Sciences of Moldova, was held the award ceremony of the winners of the National Contest “Best Innovative Pupil”, seventh edition, organized by the Academy of Sciences of Moldova, Ministry of Education, Agency for Innovation and Technology Transfer of the ASM, State Agency on Intellectual Property and University of the Academy of Sciences of Moldova.The event was attended by acad. Gheorghe DUCA, President of ASM, Roman CHIRCA, Director of AITT, Dr. Svetlana MUNTEANU, Deputy Director General of AGEPI, acad. Maria DUCA, Rector of the University of the Academy of Sciences of Moldova, representatives of the Ministry of Youth and Sports, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Agriculture and Food Industry, and directors of institutes and organizations in the sphere of science and innovation.The ceremony was opened by Roman CHIRCA, Director of the Agency for Innovation and Technology Transfer, who stressed the importance of this contest that brings together the most ingenious and inventive pupils in the country. “We are very glad that the start of the seventh edition of the National Contest “Best Innovative Pupil” had such an echo in the whole republic. We should also mention that works became more interesting, more ingenious, and more innovative. We hope that this tradition will also be preserved for the future editions of the contest”, specified director of AITT.The participants of the seventh edition were greeted by the president of ASM, acad. Gheorghe Duca, which reconfirmed the need and desirability of such intellectual contests. “Our country needs innovative people, and innovation is an added value indisputably contributing to the economic, industrial, cultural, educational and social development. Through this contest, which is initiated by the Academy of Sciences of Moldova, is desired to change the situation in schools, to nurture children and other skills. I am convinced that such contests will grow a new generation, a generation of inventors who will shoulder the development of our country, because everywhere in the world innovation relies on development”, said President of ASM.In her address to the participants, Svetlana Munteanu, Deputy Director General of Agepi, said that in modern society knowledge have become an inexhaustible resource, which have the property to multiply when shared, and innovations, thanks to the intellectual property system, can also be commercialized. “Intellectual creation is a spiritual emanation and often not so much encouragement or material incentives as moral ones are more valuable. Republic of Moldova, as a country aspiring to European values, ​​adjusted the national legislation in the field of intellectual property to international and European standards. Thus, in our country there are all conditions to protect innovations. AGEPI invites you to come and protect intellectual creations, because only due to this system mankind has managed to progress so impressively”, specified Deputy Director General of AGEPI.The 95 works presented by 87 pupils from 30 educational institutions in all districts of the republic have demonstrated ingenuity, creativity and inventive capabilities of competitors in the most various fields: chemistry, physics, biology, mechanics, agriculture, energy, radio electronics, information technologies, ecology, etc. They were evaluated by a competent Jury, which included academics, famous inventors of the republic, including AGEPI experts.Following the evaluation, winners of the Contest “Best Innovative Pupil”, seventh edition, became:First Place

  • Ion Butmalai, ninth grade, Theoretical Lyceum “Mihai Eminescu”, Cahul, for his work “Lithium atom”, appreciated with the cup and monetary prize worth 3000 lei

Second Place

  • Petru Bodean, Stanislav Bacalim, twelfth grade, Theoretical Lyceum “B.P. Hasdeu”, Drochia, for the work “Levitation of objects using vortex rings”;
  • Petru Burlacu, Victor Bricicaru, twelfth grade, Lyceum of the Academy of Sciences of Moldova, Chisinau, for the work “Echo-table”, appreciated with the cup and monetary prize worth 2000 lei.

Third Place

  • Ilie Tacu, twelfth grade, Theoretical Lyceum “Olimp”, Chisinau, for the work “Earthquake warning system”;
  • Ana Valiulin, eleventh grade, Theoretical Lyceum “Vasile Alecsandri”, Ungheni, for the work “Antibacterial Gel “Natural Help”;
  • Catalin Betivu, seventh grade, Theoretical Lyceum “Nicolae Casso”, Chiscareni, Sangerei district, for the work “Wind energy - successful alternatives”, appreciated with the cup and monetary prize worth 1000.

Traditionally, AGEPI mentioned two of the most ingenious works submitted to the competition:AGEPI Cup and Award for “Most Applicable Invention” were given to pupils Anton Oboroc and Alexandru Vlasenco from the ASM Lyceum, for the work “Tractor Model T1”;AGEPI Diploma and Award for “Most Useful Innovation” were given to pupil Ion Botnari from the Theoretical Lyceum “Stefan cel Mare”, Taraclia, Causeni district, for the work “Hand apparatus for making ​​wire mesh for fences”.At the same time, in order to support the creative spirit of young inventors, AGEPI rewarded the pupils participating in the contest with a prize of encouragement.Also, in the contest, special prizes and diplomas of mention for creativity, originality and innovative capacity have been granted by the Ministry of Education, Ministry of Youth and Sports, Ministry of Agriculture and Food Industry, research institutes of ASM, etc.Exclusively, participants in the event had a fun time for pupils, which included activities: “Constructing and Assembling Intelligent Robots”, provided  by the Republican Center for Children and Youth “ARTICO”, “Show with Reaction Experiments”, provided by the Institute of Chemistry of the ASM and the exhibition of scrap metal sculptures “Recycling of Waste Metal – Representation of Animal World Through Art”.