The quarterly meeting of the representatives in industrial property


In the frame of the first quarterly meeting of representatives in industrial property, organized by AGEPI in 2008 the matters were axed on importance of the close cooperation between the specialists of the State Agency on Intellectual Property and the members of the recently created Attorneys Public Association in the field of the industrial property. “Foundation of the Association is a significant event contributing to stirring up the communications between the specialists in IP, will contribute to the two-way exchange and solution of different common matters”, mentioned at the opening Dorian Chirosca, director general AGEPI. Participants of the meeting were informed on the new provisions of the legislation in the field of IP, specifying that the most part of law drafts elaborated in 2007 will enter in force in the immediate future.

It took place presentation of the draft regulations on the procedure of filing, examination and registration of the industrial designs (reporter – Semion Levitchi, deputy head Department Trademarks, Industrial Designs), the participants were acquainted with the provisions of the following compartments:

  • General provisions
  • Filing the application and the enclosed documents
  • Dividing the application and modification of the representatives
  • Examination and publication of the application
  • Remarks and oppositions of the third parts
  • Decisions and notifications of AGEPI
  • Registration of an industrial design and issue of a certificate on registration
  • Renewal. Withdrawal
  • Examination of the international application by AGEPI
  • Common provisions

The assistance was informed on creation and registration of the Attorneys Association Public in the Field of Industrial Property. Leonid Cotruta, president of the Association, reported that after the constituent meeting held on July 16, 2007 based on the decision No. 570 of December 12, 2007, issued by the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Moldova, it was registered a statute of the Attorneys Public Association in the Field of Industrial Property of the Republic of Moldova and issued a certificate on registration No. 4016.

The Association sets following tasks:

  • regulation of a competent performing the obligations of the attorneys in the IP field, maintenance of the professional discipline, protection of the Association authority and its members interests, extension of the professional solidarity;
  • contribution to the formation and development in the Republic of Moldova of an institute of the attorneys in the field of industrial property;
  • contribution to the improvement of the national legislation in the field of industrial property;
  • participation in the formation of a professional market of services of the attorneys in the field of industrial property;
  • contribution to the development and propagation of the industrial property legal protection;
  • contribution to raise the IP attorneys professional level;
  • maintenance of the Association interests;
  • expansion of the international cooperation in the field of the IP legal protection;
  • providing the IP attorneys with information;
  • broadening the activity of attorneys in the field of copyright.

In order to stabilize the common priorities and to develop efficiently the professional activity, the administration of the public organization issued a call to all the representatives in the field of industrial property of the RM to join the activity of the Attorneys Public Association.