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29/01/2016 | Information

The Significance and Importance of Symbols that are found in Trademarks

Often we find the presence of symbols ® , TM or SM alongside reproductions, but we do not know their meaning. In fact, they show whether the trademark is registered or not. In accordance with Article 9(4) of the Law on the Protection of Trademarks, a trademark owner may place alongside a trademark... Read more
28/01/2016 | Information

What is franchising and which are the companies operating under this system in the Republic of Moldova

Franchising is a business development strategy, a form of commerce that connects a franchisor owner of a trademark and a trader - francisee. For the owner, the franchising is a way to expand the business and for the franchisee is an opportunity to open and operate under a recognized trademark... Read more
20/01/2016 | Information

Use of the Hague System by citizens of the Republic of Moldova

The benefits of the Hague Agreement for design protection in other countries are also used by citizens of the Republic of Moldova. Priority areas for protection sought by the Moldovan creators abroad are articles of furniture; packages and containers for transportation or storage of goods and... Read more
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