World Intellectual Property Day celebrated at the AGEPI


In Moldova World Intellectual Property Day is celebrated annually through various actions to highlight the potential and role of intellectual property in the development of our country. Intellectual property rights ensure and mobilize the creative potential of every nation for it to become the driving force of economic, cultural and social development.

Traditionally, in the period April - May AGEPI organizes and participates in a series of activities dedicated to World Intellectual Property Day (contests, festivals, round tables, seminars, etc.), in order to raise the level of society information and sensitization on the need for protection, exploitation and enforcement of intellectual property rights.

On 24 April this year, on the occasion of World Intellectual Property Day, in the conference hall of AGEPI was held the festive meeting, attended by the representatives of central public authorities, representatives of institutions in the sphere of science and innovation, higher education, creative unions, composers, performers, inventors, patent attorneys, employees of AGEPI and mass media representatives. This year’s theme of the World Intellectual Property Day slogan is “Get up, Stand up. For music!”

In the opening of the solemn meeting, Mr. Ion Tiganas, Deputy Director General of AGEPI, congratulated the audience on the occasion of World Book and Copyright Day, which was celebrated on 23 April, and on the occasion of World Intellectual Property Day, wishing them perseverance, inspiration and beautiful achievements.

Further, Mr. Deputy Director General highlighted the major events that have marked the development of the music industry nationally and internationally. In the conditions in which is increasingly talked about implementation of creativity and innovation based economy, AGEPI assumes its responsibility not only to create a legal system that protects intellectual property, but also to promote creativity in order to obtain the economic effect, thus supporting the necessary environment for authors, composers and performers so that they can realize their goals and exploit products of their creativity.

In his speech, Mr. Stanislav Groppa, academician, vice president of the Academy of Sciences brought greetings to those present at the meeting and emphasized that: “without cultural heritage we’ll have neither history nor future of the nation”. In the same vein, he mentioned that security or protection of intellectual property is a prerogative of modern society, and the implementation of specific laws by the AGEPI brings only benefits in the process of inventing and creating something beautiful, useful and innovative.

Present at the solemn meeting, Mr. Constantin Rusnac, composer, secretary-general of the National Commission of the Republic of Moldova for UNESCO, spoke about the importance of supporting creative people, the creation of specialized academic environments for “polishing” young talents.

Mr. Iurie Badicu, producer, talked about the stages or the “evidence” that an artistic work passes until it reaches the public and the importance of PR in promoting new musical pieces. Subsequently, in the same context, Akord band members, Mr. Igor Sirbu and Igor Stribitchi, mentioned some problems facing performers, namely infringement of copyright, high competition on the market and “short life” of musical pieces, which sometimes leads to the retirement of performers from the stage. Being by band producer’s side, they emphasized the importance of a professional team in the process of creation and promotion of musical pieces on the market.

With a word of congratulations from the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Republic of Moldova came Mr. Tudor Olaru, Vice President of CCI, who noted the fruitful collaboration established between AGEPI and CCI in promoting intellectual property among economic agents.

In the context of celebration of the World Intellectual Property Day in the solemn meeting were presented the distinctions obtained by inventors from the Republic of Moldova at the International Exhibition of Inventions in Geneva, which took place in the period April 15-19. Mr. Aurelian Gulea, coordinator academician of the Natural and Exact Sciences Division of the ASM, member of the International Exhibition Jury, said that this year, thanks to financial assistance rendered by AGEPI, it was possible the presentation of the stand of Moldovan inventors at the International Exhibition. The stand was visited by a large number of visitors, including the mayor of Geneva, who appreciated the inventions exhibited not only for their importance and applicability, but also for their presentation and attractiveness. Thus, Moldovan inventors were appreciated with 6 silver medals and one gold and bronze medal, as well as two special awards for works in the field of medicine, dentistry and apiculture. The said awards were presented to winners by Mr. Ion Tiganas and academician Ion Toderas, Director of the Institute of Zoology of the ASM, national coordinator in the said Exhibition.

To support and stimulate the corps of patent attorneys in the republic, AGEPI mentions annually on the occasion of World Intellectual Property Day the most active patent attorneys. This year, AGEPI Trophy and Diploma were presented to Mr. Andrei POPA, patent attorney, evaluator of the IP, for his contribution to the promotion of intellectual property system and the large number of applications for intellectual property objects (IPOs) submitted for registration to the AGEPI. Also, AGEPI Diploma of Mention was presented to Mr. Nicolae Glazunov, patent attorney, actively using the online system for submission of applications for registration of IPOs, launched by AGEPI in 2013.