The Winners of the National Contest Best Innovative Pupil “Genius” were awarded


On 14 May this year, at the High School of the Academy of Sciences of Moldova, was held the ninth edition of the National Contest Best Innovative Pupil “Genius”, where were gathered the most ingenious and creative pupils from the country.

The ceremony for awarding the laureates of the contest was attended by the leadership of the Academy of Sciences, State Agency on Intellectual Property (AGEPI), Agency for Innovation and Technology Transfer (AITT), officials from the ministries of Education, Youth and Sports, Environment, representatives of the academic and university community, business environment, professors, students, pupils and parents.

The special invitee and guest of honor of the event was Prime Minister of the Republic of Moldova Pavel Filip.

The event was inaugurated by the President of the Academy of Sciences of Moldova, Gheorghe Duca, who welcomed the young innovators, wishing the children success and urged them to further persevere, because the country needs ideas, talents, knowledge.

After the inauguration, the guests of honor and jury members visited the exhibition. After examining and evaluating works exhibited at the stands, the jury determined the winners of the ninth edition of the contest, for the most original and creative works.

Thus, the Grand Prix holders were appointed Dmitrii Guzun and Nicolae Muntean, Theoretical Lyceum “Constantin Stere” and Technical Agricultural College in the town of Soroc, for the work “Use of renewable energy sources - Stirling plate”.

The award was presented by the Prime Minister Paul Philip, who congratulated the winners, urging pupils to be creative and innovative, because the application of innovations, new technologies will increase the competitiveness and economic development of the Republic of Moldova.

The second place went to the following competitors: Dan Butmalai, Lyceum of the Academy of Sciences, ninth grade, with the work “Mine defusing machine v2.0”; Ilei Albot, Anastasia Vutcariov, Theoretical Real-Profile Lyceum “Mihai Marinciuc”, Chisinau, the work “Use of production waste during mushroom growing”.

The third place took Denis Zubic, Gymnasium “Grigore Vieru”, village of Sarata Veche, Falesti district, the work “Bank-note security. Accessibility for blind people”; Denis Guja, Chisinau Polytechnic College, the work “Energy generator” and Briciaru Lucian, tenth grade, Lyceum of the Academy of Sciences of Moldova, the work “Smart BOX”.

The award for the most active district was presented to Soroca district, and the award for the most active lyceum was obtained by the Theoretical Lyceum “Universul”, Chisinau municipality.

Contest winners received diplomas of participation, gifts, books and monetary prizes.

In order to support and stimulate the creativity of young inventors, the State Agency on Intellectual Property participated as a partner in organizing and conducting the contest and mentioned three of the most applicable and useful innovations, submitted to the contest. Thus, Director General of AGEPI, Octavian Apostol handed the AGEPI Cup, accompanied by the mention diploma and a monetary prize, to pupil Ion Cerempei, from the Theoretical Lyceum “George Calinescu” in Chisinau for the work “External combustion engine”.

AGEPI award to encourage innovation creativity reached Petrasco Sandu and Zatie Petru, pupils of the ASM Lyceum for the work “ECO-lamp”. Derenov Vadim, pupil of the Gymnasium “Grigore Vieru” from the village Vasilcau received the AGEPI diploma of mention and a monetary prize for the cycle of works “Fruit picker” and “Hydraulic dehydrator”.

The contest was attended by 118 competitors, ages 7 to 19 years old, representing 32 educational institutions in the country. In the contest have been exhibited 116 works in various fields, including: information technology, agriculture, health, mechanics, renewable energy, robotics, creativity, etc.

The contest was organized and supported by the Academy of Sciences of Moldova, in partnership with the State Agency on Intellectual Property, Agency for Innovation and Technology Transfer, Ministry of Education, University and Lyceum of the Academy of Sciences of Moldova. The competition aimed to support, promote and develop creative and innovative capacities among young people.