Training Seminar on Intellectual Property for Doctoral Candidates and Professors from SUMPh “Nicolae Testemitanu”


In the period 9-10 April 2019 AGEPI specialists held lectures in a training seminar for doctoral candidates and professors of the State University of Medicine and Pharmacy “N.Testemiţanu”. The seminar aimed to familiarize participants with the national system of intellectual property protection.

During the two days, the AGEPI specialists presented the normative-legislative framework in the field of protection of intellectual property objects in the Republic of Moldova, especially inventions. Another important topic addressed refers to intellectual property as a tool for capitalizing on research results, management of innovations and intellectual property in universities. Doctoral candidates and professors also had the opportunity to get acquainted with the “Patent Landscape” platform, created and managed by AGEPI, and its functionalities.

The participants in the seminar were active and interested in the topics discussed. They asked questions about the registration procedure for inventions, registration fees, and general questions related to the legislation in the field, about the services provided by AGEPI, etc.

Promotional materials in the field of intellectual property were distributed to all those present. Participants who attended both lectures will receive participation certificates.

The conduct of knowledge dissemination activities on the need for protection and enforcement of intellectual property rights is part of the process of training students and doctoral candidates in the field of intellectual property, being the main objective of the Cooperation Agreement between AGEPI and SUMPh “Nicolae Testemitanu”, signed in 2009.