Top Applicants for International Trademark Registration Applications


The number of international trademark registration applications filed with the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) under the Madrid System grew by 2.9%, reaching a record figure of 49,273 applications in 2015. Applications received from Australia and the United States constitute 90% of total growth.

Among the top 10 countries of origin, Australia (+32.3%) and the USA (+11.3%) registered a growth by 2 percentage points in 2015, followed by China (+ 7.9%) and Japan (+ 6%), while the number of applications from the United Kingdom (-7.3%), the Netherlands (-6.8%) and Switzerland (-3%) declined. Austria, Spain and Turkey are also among the major users of the Madrid System.

Swiss pharmaceutical laboratory NOVARTIS heads the list of top applicants, with 197 applications filed in 2015, followed by the company LIDL of Germany with 152 applications and L’ORÉAL of France with 130 applications.

Of the top 50 applicants RICHTER GEDEON NYRT of Hungary, another pharmaceutical company, recorded the largest increase in respect of applications filed during 2015 (104 applications filed).

Among the most frequently designated parts of the Madrid System, in 2015, are China (24,849 applications), the USA (21,996 applications) and the European Union (2, 271 applications). India and Mexico, among the new members of the Madrid Union, rank the top 10 most designated countries.