Seminars in the Field of Intellectual Property at SUM and CTUM


In the context of activities dedicated to the World Intellectual Property Day 2013 and with the purpose of disseminating information on patenting/registration of intellectual property objects, AGEPI organized in late March, at the State University of Moldova and Cooperative Trade University of Moldova seminars entitled “Protection of Intellectual Property in the Republic of Moldova”.

In the seminars, AGEPI experts presented two reports: “Protection of Intellectual Property in the Republic of Moldova. General Aspects” (A. Fodea, Senior Specialist, Marketing, Services Department,) and “Economy and Commercialization of Intellectual Property” (Iu. Badar, Head of Economy and Finance Directorate). The rapporteurs talked about intellectual property objects, limits of protection, fees for registration of intellectual property objects (IPO), brought concrete examples of what can be registered as a trademark, invention, industrial design, plant variety, GI, appellation of origin and traditional specialty guaranteed. Also, there were discussed the economic issues and intellectual property valuation principles.

The participants in the seminars listened with great interest to the reports of AGEPI specialists, requesting further information on registration of IPO, namely trademarks, cases when can be refused the registration of a trademark. Students of the Marketing and Commodities Faculty of CTUM had questions related to the evaluation of IPO and their inclusion in the balance sheet of the enterprise.

Also, in the seminars was promoted the Public Campaign “STOP Piracy and Counterfeiting!”, being distributed various promotional materials that accompanied the campaign in question, as well as the set of specialized brochures the IP field.