Results of the competition “Invention - 2008”


Organizing committee of the competition “Invention – 2008” (president – Mr. Dorian Chirosca, Director General AGEPI) examined the applications and designated the winners in nominations:

  1. “The invention -2008”;
  2. “The invention -2008, created by a young inventor”;
  3. “The Utility model -2008”.

Evaluation of each application for the participation in the competition was acclaimed in accordance with the score settled in “ The rules of the Competitions “Invention of the Year”, approved by order of the Director General AGEPI, no. 36 of 03. 04. 2009.

The Organizing Committee has taken into consideration:

  1. In the nomination “The invention-2008” - 15 submitted applications;
  2. in the nomination “Invention- 2008 created by a young inventor” - 3 submitted applications;
  3. In the nomination “The Utility model-2008” - 3 filed applications.

I. The winners in the nomination “The invention of the year” have become inventors: Vladimir CARAUS, Sergei CICALCHIN, physical persons, for the invention: Disinfectant Remedy, the patent no. 3145, accumulating a score of 85 points.

II. The winner in nomination “Invention created by a young inventor” became Natalia MUNTEANU the Institute of Zoology of the Academy of Sciences of Moldova, for the invention: Method of bruchid control, patent number 3199, accumulating a score of 35 points.

III. The winner in nomination “The Utility model -2008” became Stepan SARBU, physical person, for the utility model: Inhaler for pulverulent substance, number of certificate of registration of utility model 170, accumulating a score of 35 points.