Repeated attestation of the evaluators of objects of intellectual property


During currently July 1-3, under order of the Director General AGEPI No. 66 of June 19, 2009, will be repeated the attestation of the evaluators of intellectual property objects.

The evaluators which have not practiced during the 5 years of the valuation activity will exam again.

For admission to repeated evaluation the evaluators shall forward the following acts:

  1. Application for repeated evaluation;
  2. Copies of three reports on the evaluation of the initial value and market value of various objects of intellectual property;
  3. Copy of ID card;
  4. Certificate certifying the absence of criminal record;
  5. Information on the evaluation of intellectual property objects during the activity as a valuator;
  6. Proof of fee payment.

Additional information can be obtained from the Secretary of the repeated evaluation of intellectual property evaluators, Ms Lilia Spac, tel. 400628.