Regional Seminar on Identification of Potential Products That Can Be Promoted under GIs, AO or TSG in the Republic of Moldova, held in the South of the Country


On 27 October this year, the Regional Seminar “Identification of Products, Beverages, Dishes and Handicrafts of the Republic of Moldova, Potential to Be Registered as Geographical Indications (GIs), Appellations of Origin (AO) and Traditional Specialties Guaranteed (STG) and Business Development based on Traditional Products” was organized in the town of Cantemir. The event was organized in the framework of the Implementation Action Plan of implementation of the European Union Technical Assistance Project “Support to Enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights” in the Republic of Moldova, being carried out in collaboration with the State Agency on Intellectual Property (AGEPI). The activity was part of the series of training seminars held in the northern, southern and central regions of the country.

The event was attended by representatives of the local public authorities, civil society in the agricultural and rural development sector from the Cantemir, Cimislia, Leova and Cahul districts. Specialists from the District Agriculture and Food Directorates, representatives of the regional offices of the Rural Extension Network, Associations on Branches and Profiles, agricultural producers and craftsmen who were identified in the Study were present. The team of European experts responsible for project implementation and AGEPI representative were also present.

The regional seminar was opened with a presentation by Simion Levitchi, Head of Trademarks and Industrial Design Department of AGEPI, entitled “Business Based on Geographical Indications and Development Potential in the Republic of Moldova”, followed by the presentation of the particularities of protection, registration and use of GIs, AO and TSG in the Republic of Moldova, as well as some case studies.

In his turn, Yuriy Kapitsa, the Project’s key expert in intellectual property, talked about project support in the development of the country’s geographical indications system, and highlighted the identification of potential traditional products to be promoted under national geographical indications at national and international level.

The EU Expert in Geographical Indications Elena Micheletti, communicated to the participants about the practical experience of identifying, registering and developing GI-based businesses within the EU Member States. For a better understanding of the role of the geographical indications system, case studies demonstrating the opportunities open to entrepreneurs and the potential of GI products in Italy have been reviewed. Elena Micheletti reiterated that exploring the potential of national traditional products has the capacity to generate added value to both local and export markets, and consumers appreciate the savor and exceptional taste of these products to the right value.

The regional seminar was moderated by Anatolie Fala, non-key national expert of the Project, who presented the preventive results of the “Study on Identification of Products, Beverages, Dishes and Handicrafts Potential to Be Registered and Promoted Under GIs, AO or Recognized as GIs in the Regions of the Republic of Moldova” and the support provided in this respect by the Government of the Republic of Moldova through the National Fund for Agricultural and Rural Development. In the framework of the Study were identified 61 products, beverages, dishes and handicrafts with potential to be registered under GIs, AO and TSG, including 11 from the South zone of the country.

The seminar has facilitated discussion and exchange of views that will enable an effective synergy and collaboration to further explore local markets and promote local products at national and international level. During the discussions were presented the agricultural products by the entrepreneurs and producers: Bordea Gheorghe - beekeeper from the village of Cociulia, Cantemir district, “Zestrea Albinei” honey; Florea Constantin - Producer group leader from the village of Colibas, Cahul district, “Colibase Product” trademark; Covali Victor - Manager of Covali and Co. LTD from the town of Cantemir, producers of local preserved fruits and vegetables. Larisa Vilcu, Head of Agriculture and Food Directorate of the Cantemir district and Cabac Gheorghe, representative of Cania Mayoralty, reiterated the need to promote local products and new opportunities for the development of regional products.

It should be noted that the EuropeAid/137467/DH/SER/MD Technical Assistance Project “Support to Enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights” was launched in November 2016, with a two-year implementation period, one of the core objectives being to improve the geographical indications system in the Republic of Moldova.