Professors of the Tiraspol State University, Trained in the Field of Intellectual Property


The State Agency on Intellectual Property (AGEPI) participated on November 23, 2021, in an event with the theme: “Education through Research”, organized by the Tiraspol State University. The purpose of the seminar was to strengthen knowledge in the field of intellectual property protection among university professors.

During the event, the AGEPI specialist, Andrei Moisei, principal consultant, Communication and Training Division acquainted the participants with general aspects of intellectual property and their protection methods. The professors were also informed about some details related to the enforcement of IP rights, protection of copyright and related rights. Andrei Moisei spoke about intellectual property as a tool for using research results, innovation management and intellectual property within the university.

Natalia Caisim, head of the Examination Division, AGEPI Patents Department, spoke about the role of inventions and patent information, the particularities and components of patent information, the patent document, the structure, the main categories and the ways of publication. At the same time, the AGEPI specialist informed the participants in the seminar about the AGEPI “Inventions” databases, the multinational patent databases with public access, the analysis and uses of patent information, familiarizing the participants, through practical examples, with the easiest and most useful ways to search.

The event allowed those present to better understand the benefits of the intellectual property protection system. Also, those present mentioned the importance of organizing information seminars in the field of intellectual property for teachers.