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This morning, in front of the Green Theatre in the park Valea Morilor, Mr. Octavian Apostol, Director General of the State Agency on Intellectual Property, presented the report occasioned by the celebration of one year of activity.

In this context, as a proof of involvement of the institution in charitable and civic actions, were inaugurated two banks with modern design donated by AGEPI to parks of Chisinau. Two other similar banks will be installed in the Ciocana district.

In taking over the mandate, the Director General Octavian Apostol said that he comes to the AGEPI to make performance and has set several priorities, including: debureaucratization and transformation of the institution into a transparent service provider, setting up a consultancy center and intensive promotion of the National System of Protection and Enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights (PI), implementation of an intellectual property curriculum in the secondary education and consolidation of curricula in the higher education.

During the presentation, Mr. Octavian Apostol said: “The achievements that I will announce belong to the whole team of AGEPI. For the first objective was to mold the team found here so as to work efficiently, quickly, with tangible results”.

Intensive promotion of the national IP system and dissemination of actions in the public space led to the placement of AGEPI as a leader in the top visibility among state or international institutions in the Republic of Moldova.

A proof of efficiency of the activities organized and coordinated in the past year is finishing of the objectives incumbent upon AGEPI in accordance with the European Union - Republic of Moldova Association Agreement.

Successes were also possible thanks to the emphasis placed on training the staff, and also other professional categories whose activities are linked to the field of Intellectual Property. Judges, prosecutors, support staff in the field of justice, customs officers or policemen attended specific training courses organized by AGEPI.

In the reference period, particular attention was paid to support patenting abroad, support the participation of our inventors in international exhibitions.

No less important, it was sustained the participation of young people, pupils or students in national and international exhibitions and have been awarded substantial prizes to winners of such contests.

In terms of the global recession, through a set of applied measures, AGEPI registered a growth by 7.2 percent in the number of trademarks, which is another indicator of the efficiency of the institution.

A direct involvement occurred in the field of Geographical Indications and Appellations of Origin. Producers have been granted significant tax cuts, while ensuring a constant promotion, in major international exhibitions and events, such as the High Level Conference on Intellectual Property in Beijing, held in July 2016.

During the first year of the mandate of the Director General Octavian Apostol, intellectual property normative activity was marked by the continued promotion and approval of normative-legislative initiatives with a significant impact on the entire intellectual property protection system of the Republic of Moldova. There were approved projects of vital importance concerning Appellations of Origin and Geographical Indications, significant amendments to the legislation on copyright and related rights, or on the procedure to support patenting abroad of inventions and plant varieties created in the Republic of Moldova.

In perspective, the AGEPI activity will be oriented towards new priorities, among which: reducing the term of examination of the applications for registration of trademarks, identifying new ways of promoting Geographical Indications and widening this range of products (e.g., the inclusion of the famous stone of Cosauti), strengthening the system for collective management of copyright and related rights.

The entire activity of the State Agency on Intellectual Property starts from the premise that the most precious resource of the Republic of Moldova is intelligence and the whole collective endeavors to optimally exploit this resource.

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