Practical Aspects on Functioning of the National System of Protection and Exploitation of New Varieties of Plants


On 15 December this year, it was held the roundtable entitled “Practical Aspects on Functioning of the National System of Protection and Exploitation of New Varieties of Plants”. The event was organized by the State Agency on Intellectual Property (AGEPI), in cooperation with the State Commission for Variety Testing (SCVT).

The seminar was attended by breeders, SCVT specialists and seed producers, inspectors responsible for seed control and other public institutions responsible for the creation, protection and exploitation of new varieties of plants.

The purpose of the roundtable was to familiarize participants with the recent amendments made in the national legislation on the legal protection and enforcement of breeders’ rights on new varieties of plants, to identify the problems they face during the exploitation of seeds of new varieties of plants and to make an exchange of experience in the given field.

The event was opened by the Deputy Director General of AGEPI, Andrei Popa, who noted that following the roundtable it is desired a better understanding by breeders of the advantages offered by the exclusive rights on new varieties in the process of exploitation thereof, and identification of measures that can be taken to enhance the efficiency of functioning of the national system of protection of new varieties of plants at all stages and with the involvement of all responsible institutions, from the creation of plant variety to its exploitation on the market.

Attending the event, Ion Parea, Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Food Industry, said that Moldova has an enormous potential in creating and developing new plant varieties, and this potential must be exploited to the maximum, to become more competitive both on internal and external market.

In turn, Mihail Machidon, President of SCVT, pointed out that the relations of cooperation between institutions are important because only together they will register good results and all the recommendations and solutions to certain problems identified in the event must be put into practice.

Further, according to the program there was discussed about the patent protection of plant varieties - benefits and opportunities, the specific character of the system of protection of plant varieties, the situation regarding the testing of plant varieties for patentability and the problems aroused in the process of exploitation of plant varieties.

The event ended with a round of discussions on measures to revive the activities of all institutions responsible for the exploitation of new varieties of plants in the Republic of Moldova.

The organization of the roundtable is covered by the provisions of the Action Plan for the years 2015-2017 on implementation of the National Intellectual Property Strategy until 2020.