Poet Grigore Vieru was awarded with a Diploma and a WIPO Gold Medal


At the festivity dedicated to the World Intellectual Property Day taking place on April 26, in AGEPI an event of great importance occurred; a genial poet of our people Grigore Vieru was decorated with a Diploma and a WIPO Gold Medal for the the remarkable success in the field of literature. On this occasion the acad. Mihai Cimpoi has marked that this fact is of great importance being recognition of his work and personality on the international level. The long experience of the Bessarabian poet contributed to the formation of many generations, promotion of high art, similar to the education work of the German poet Johann Wolfgang von Goethe which was considered as a national educator, accentuated acad. M. Cimpoi.

The session collected numerous intellectuals, representatives of the Bassarabian society elite, confirming by applauding the indefeasible right of the Poet to this recent mention. Among the distinctions also there were listed the International Diploma and the Andersen Prize, titles of the Honorary member, and Corresponding member of the Romanian Academy etc.

In the reply message the poet-academician has expressed gratitude for the estimation of his work. “The beams proceeding from the medal warm my heart, especially taking in consideration the fact that to this international distinction there are represented usually the people of science. Eugen Doga and I, we are the first people of the art of the Republic of Moldova which were awarded of such distinction”. (In this context it is necessary to note, that the composer Eugen Doga was also conferred on the Diploma and WIPO Gold Medal in the frame of a scientific conference dedicated to the composer activity of the maestro).

The poet Grigore Vieru and the Composer Eugen Doga became the unofficial ambassadors of our people, making popular not only their proper creation but the great tallent of the people given him the life.