Laureates of the Contest “Invention of the Year”, Eighth Edition


On June 29, in the events organized on the occasion of the Inventor’s and Rationalizer’s Day, a holiday marked in the Republic of Moldova since 1995, AGEPI summed up the results of the Contest “Invention of the Year”, eighth edition.

To the current edition were submitted in total 12 applications. Following the examination of the submitted files, the Organizing Committee has designated the following winners of the Contest:

a) in the nomination “Invention of the Year-2011”: Nicolae Popescu, Ana Coretchi, Andrei Furdui, Victor Popescu, Valeria Tanas, for the invention “Process for execution of cast-in-situ construction, complex of cast-in-situ constructions and technical equipment for its realization”;

b) prizes and praising diplomas: Eugen Iorga, for the invention “Process for processing of grape seed”; Ludmila Batir, for the invention Bromo-{3 - [(2-hydroxy-5-nitro-benzylidene)-amino]-propane-1,2-dihydroxy}(1-)copper and Process for cultivation of Spirulina platentis cyanobacterium; Dumitru Grini, for the invention “Model of electrified particle accelerator”;

c) in the nomination “Invention of the Year Created by a Young Inventor”, the Organizing Committee has not given any prize, the reason being the shortage of applications.

Winners received cash prizes, awarded by AGEPI, worth of 5 thousand and one thousand lei respectively.

Last year was also launched the Republican Contest “The Best Rationalizer of the Year of the Republic of Moldova”, organized by the UIR “Inovatorul”, AGEPI and National Confederation of Trade Unions. The contest has two nominations: “The Best Rationalizer of the Year” and “The Best Young Rationalizer of the Year”.

The competition involved innovators concerned with the rationalization activity, who brought a substantial contribution to the development of economy and scientific and technical progress in the country, economically or otherwise.

In the festive meeting were summed up the results of the second edition of the contest. Thus, “The Best Rationalizer of the Year” was designated Mr. Ivan Petrache, builder, “RAUT” JSC, Balti, author of over 70 rationalization proposals, 39 of which were implemented. “The Best Young Rationalizer of the Year” was designated Veronica Svet, resident physician, SUMP “N. Testemitanu”.

We should also note that AGEPI handed three stimulation awards to other three innovators participants in the Contest “The Best Rationalizer of the Year”- to Mr. Vasile Turcanu, Head, Department of Epidemiology, Center of Public Health, Balti, to Mr. Anatolii Dimov, Head, Department of CET-1 JSC, Chisinau, to Mr. Ion Mereuta, director of clinic “General Oncology”, Chisinau.