International Forum “Innovative Development through the Market of Intellectual Property”


AGEPI informs stakeholders about the invitation of the Republican Scientific Research Institute of Intellectual Property of the Russian Federation (РНИИИС) to take part in the sixth edition of the International Forum “Innovative Development through the Market of Intellectual Property”, which will be held on April 2 this year.

The action in question is held under the auspices of the United Nations Organization (UNO) and is part of the program of events on the occasion of World Intellectual Property Day.

The Forum’s Program includes topics related to the legal protection, use and defense of intellectual property in Russia and CIS countries, in 2013; the formation of national and regional intellectual property markets within the Customs Union and CIS; issues of customs protection of intellectual property in the common economic space, etc.

The participation in the International Forum is an opportunity to contribute to the development and promotion of innovations and technological modernization through the market of intellectual property, through the development of national and regional innovational systems and through the training of skilled personnel.

Stakeholders may access the Forum’s Program, the registration form and the conditions of participation in its work at: