The International Conference organized by UNECE


In the period of July 25-27, 2007 will take place the International Conference “Protection of the intellectual property rights and transforming the results in the field of research and development into the intangible assets in the period of the transition economy”, organized by the Union of Nations Economical Commission for Europe (UNECE), followed after the 2-d annual session of the Working Group for the specialists in the intellectual property field (TOS-IP).

In the frame of the Conference there will be tackled problems of the common interest for all the states-members of the UNECE: the best practical and political experiences on the commercialization and protection of the intellectual property rights in the UNECE region, especially, in the countries with the transitional economy. Moreover, it will be taken in consideration the results of the annual session of the Group of specialists in the field of innovation and competition policy, taking place on March 8-9, 2007, Session of the expert group on the innovation development, taking place on current May 3-4, as well as the International Conference on reduction of the barriers for the entrepreneurs and stimulating the development of the organizations, carried out in the period of June 18-19, 2007. Moreover, the Conference will contribute to the creation of a web platform for the change of information, acquainting of the large public, business communities and research institutions.

In the frame of the second annual session of the Working Group TOS-IP there will be taken in consideration needs of the governments and of the private sector, consumers, education media and entrepreneurs, as well as the civil societies, for elaboration of the working plan-2008.

In the work of the International Conference and of the Working group TOS-IP there are invited experts in the field of intellectual property, designated by the UNECE states-members, as well as representatives of the business associations.