Intellectual Property for Students from Marketing and Commodities Science of CCUM


On April 2 this year, within the premises of the Cooperative-Commercial University of Moldova (CCUM), Marketing and Commodities Science Department, was organized the round table entitled “The Role of Intellectual Property in the Economic Development of the Republic of Moldova”. The event took place in the context of activities dedicated to World Intellectual Property Day and was aimed at familiarizing CCUM students and professors with the national system of protection, exploitation and enforcement of intellectual property rights.

In opening, Mrs. Viorica Sitnicenco, senior lecturer of the Marketing, Commerce and Tourism Department specified the importance of training skills and competencies in intellectual property to future specialists in the field of Marketing and mentioned the role of the State Agency on Intellectual Property (AGEPI) in promoting information on national intellectual property system among students.

Subsequently, according to the event agenda, senior specialist of the Marketing and Services Department of AGEPI, Alina Fodea came with the presentation “Intellectual Property Objects - Effective Tools to Promote Business”, which included general information about intellectual property, its role, essence, components and principles. In the same context were described and exemplified intellectual property objects, along with the legislation related to their protection. Particular emphasis was placed on Trademark and Industrial Design as objects of intellectual property that can guarantee a successful business, the steps to be taken in designing/creating a trademark or industrial design and their protection, and were presented some examples of trademarks that have the most success on the domestic market but also international. In the seminar, students were informed about the possibility of accessing online, free of charge, the databases and other useful information in the field, on the site, they also were invited to attend the IP courses organized annually by AGEPI to deepen their knowledge related to intellectual property.

The roundtable was held in an interactive format, being a communication platform in the field of Intellectual Property between the AGEPI specialist and students present. Students were interested in how to register a trademark both by national and international route, related fees, but also put more specific questions such as: how to assess and transfer rights in intellectual property objects, etc.

Finally, participants received promotional materials about intellectual property, copyright and related rights, anti-counterfeiting and anti-piracy, the guide “Investment and Profit with Intellectual Property”, which came to fill those discussed in the roundtable.