Information Seminar in Comrat for Residents of the Incubator “InnoCenter” and Members of the Business Association “NEXT”


On March 15, AGEPI specialists participated in the Information Seminar entitled “Intellectual Property - An Important Factor in Developing and Promoting a Business”, organized jointly with the Incubator “InnoCenter” and the Business Association “NEXT” from Comrat.

In the opening of the seminar Alla Levitskaia, director of the Incubator “InnoCenter” talked about the topicality of the topics, about the need to protect intellectual property objects (IPO), including about the incubator collaboration with AGEPI. A welcoming address also had Ivan Kambur, executive director of the Business Association “NEXT” from Comrat who spoke about the topicality of the topic discussed, as well as about the core activities of the association, including the IP consulting service.

Then, Andrei Moisei, senior consultant, Communication and Training Division of AGEPI, presented a report on the means of individualization of the product, the advantages and risks that may arise as a result of the registration or non-registration of intellectual property objects. The specialist also spoke about the applicable intellectual property (IP) legislation and regulations in the field.

The next speaker, Alina Fodea, principal specialist, Communication and Training Division of AGEPI, made a practical demonstration of the databases on IPOs, in particular the national and international database of trademarks, and showed how to carry out a search by owner, by trademark name, by other search criteria. Also, information was provided on fees, forms, and reductions that economic agents can benefit from when registering IPOs.

During the seminar folders, brochures and other promotional materials were distributed. The seminar took place in the reading room of the Comrat State University Library.

The event ended with a round of questions and answers as well as recommendations from AGEPI specialists.

As a result of the interest shown by the participants and the multitude of questions, the leaders of the Business Association “NEXT” from Comrat came up with the proposal to make an information visit to AGEPI headquarters.