Implementation of Intellectual Property Objects Protection Measures at the Border


On March 1, 2013, within the premises of the Customs Service was organized the meeting with the title “Cooperation with Rightholders. Existing Results and Problems”, which was attended by Customs Service employees, representatives of EUBAM, AGEPI, and IP rightholders and their representatives, which aimed at developing mechanisms of cooperation, information exchange and mutually advantageous cooperation.

Participants had an intense working program, in which the following issues were examined: the results obtained by the Customs Service in the field of protection of intellectual property; signing of Memoranda of Understanding with the rightholders; training of customs officers; submission of Customs Intervention Regulations; procedure for destruction of counterfeit goods; requirements for preparation (legalization, notary) of proxies and statements issued by foreign rightholders for intellectual property.

It was agreed on the need to improve the activity through optimization of the process of protection at the border of goods in order to facilitate fair trade and control activities; making more effective the mechanism of cooperation with authorities and persons directly involved in the process; sensitization of rightholders on the more active submission of intervention requests to stop the alleged counterfeit goods; coordination of activities and fixation of the procedure for implementation of intellectual property objects protection measures at the border, etc.

It were also discussed the possibilities of efficient implementation of protection measures at the border in order to protect the internal market from the import of counterfeit and pirated goods, the commercialization of which cause prejudices to rightholders, generates acts of unfair competition, represents danger for the country’s economic security and the health of local consumers.