Hemp – A Contradictory Trademark Name


Often, people who want to register a trademark choose rather eccentric names, which do not always bring plausible results.

A trademark of its kind is the figurative trademark Mark Number0784704, filed for registration through the international route, by a Swiss applicant for cosmetics, coffee, alcoholic drinks and cigarettes, registered in Switzerland in 2002.

The trademark, represented by a hemp leaf with the name “free hemp”, was refused in most countries for which it was filed.

The name of hemp is a term used for industrial varieties of cannabis plants and its products, which include hemp fibers, oil and seeds.

The hemp should not be confused with cannabis, which is used as a recreational and medicinal drug. However, in public perception, the notion of hemp is reminiscent cannabis.

Following the substantive examination, the State Agency on Intellectual Property has not registered this trademark in the Republic of Moldova, on the grounds that the name is contrary to ordre public or morality.