Forum “Innovative Development through Intellectual Property Market”


AGEPI informs interested persons about the invitation of the Republican Research Institute for Intellectual Property of the Russian Federation (РНИИИС) to participate in the fourth edition of the International Forum “Innovative Development through Intellectual Property Market”, to be held on April 26 this year.

The action in question is part of the program of celebrations on the occasion of the World Intellectual Property Day, held under UNO auspices and is the main event of the year in the field of intellectual property in Russia and CIS. The program also includes the International Exhibition “Intellectual Property-2012”.

The organizing committee of the Forum will include leaders of the Russian Parliament Chambers Committees, ministries and departments, including the Federal Service for Intellectual Property, Patents and Trademarks of the Russian Federation “РОСПАТЕНТ”, Federal Agency for CIS Issues, fellow countrymen from abroad and international humanitarian cooperation (Россотрудничествo), national associations of producers, corporations and innovative companies from the CIS states.

Participation in the International Forum is a unique opportunity to contribute to the development of innovations and technological modernization through intellectual property market, to the development of national and regional innovation systems and training of qualified personnel.

Forum Program, as well as the conditions for participation in its works can be accessed at: