Economic Contest “Today Student, Tomorrow Entrepreneur” in its sixth edition


On April 10, 2014, within the premises of the Academy of Economic Studies (AESM), was held the sixth edition of the Economic Contest “Today Student, Tomorrow Entrepreneur”. The event was organized by the AESM Faculty of Business and Business Administration (BAA) in cooperation with the State Agency on Intellectual Property (AGEPI). The action is part of the program of manifestations dedicated to the World Intellectual Property Day-2014.In the opening ceremony Gregore Belostecinic, Rector of AESM, encouraged students’ initiative to participate in such a full-sized contest, noting that to have a prosperous country it is necessary to have prosperous people and entrepreneurial activity provides this opportunity to everybody.In the Economic Contest “Today Student, Tomorrow Entrepreneur” participated 15 teams of 4-5 first- and third-year students, from various faculties of AESM. Participants had the task of presenting in 3 minutes a business idea for which they had an hour of training. The topic of the current edition was: “Creative Industries”. Additionally, the Jury asked the participants questions on the announced theme.The Jury was the one to evaluate business ideas of the teams of students, taking account of their innovation, originality, presentation, applicability, as well as answers to questions. The contest was judged by: Ludmila Stihi, Head of Consultancy and Training Services Department, SMEDO and Director of the Start-up Center of AESM; Serghei Portarescu, Director of MACIP; Ecaterina Popa, Chief of Marketing, Services Division, AGEPI; Lilia Vermeiuc, Chief of Registration and Examination Division, Copyright Department, AGEPI and Eugen Popa, Director of Time Cafe “FriendZone”. Those who have dealt with the fairness of the contest and the timing were Ghenadie Ciumac, Associate Dr., Management Department and Tamara Gavrilenco, Senior Lecturer, Management Department, Faculty BBA, AESM.The Jury of the Contest has designated the following winners of the sixth edition of the Economic Contest “Today Student, Tomorrow Entrepreneur” as follows:First Place - team “United” led by Roman Rosca (project - Fitting of Offices and Dwellings with Decorative Flowers (Green Wall);Second Place - team “Essma” led by Maria Moisei (project - Games that Stimulate Creativity at Work (Gamification);Third Place - team “АВИС” led by Ghenadii Vacarciuc (project - A New Concept of Marketing (Nero marketing).“Public Sympathy” award was given to the team “Vanguard” which presented a project relating to the inauguration of a touristic complex oriented to cultural and rural tourism.Participants came into possession of a set of entrepreneurship cards, information materials on intellectual property protection, participation diplomas and other awards offered by the contest partners: State Agency on Intellectual Property (AGEPI), Business Training and Consulting Center (MACIP), SME Development Organization (SMEDO), Start-up Center of AESM and Time Cafe “FriendZone”.