Economic Agents of the Republic of Moldova protect Their Trademarks in 87 States


In 2016, economic agents of the Republic of Moldova opted for international trademark protection through the Madrid System in 87 countries, a higher number than in 2015 (60 states). The most frequent were designated the following countries: Romania in 40 applications, Ukraine and the Russian Federation in 33 applications each, Kazakhstan and Belarus in 22 applications each, the United Kingdom - 17, China, Kyrgyzstan, Poland and the USA - in 16 applications each.

An increased interest was noted from applicants of the Republic of Moldova and for Armenia and Azerbaijan, these countries being designated in 13 of the submitted applications, Turkmenistan - 12 applications, Tajikistan - 11 applications, the Czech Republic and Turkey being designated in 10 applications each.

On top of the 5 classes of products and services for which trademark registration applications have been filed and which reflect the fields of interest of Moldovan economic agents for foreign markets, there are alcoholic beverages (cl. 33); advertising services, business administration and business management (cl. 35); foodstuffs (cl. 30); building construction, repair and installation services (cl. 37) and household appliances, apparatuses for sanitary purposes (cl. 11).

In 2016, AGEPI, as the office of the country of origin, verified and sent to the World Intellectual Property Organization, 60 applications for the international registration of trademarks, filed through the Madrid System.

The Madrid System is a unique and safe tool for registering and protecting trades internationally. It offers the opportunity to obtain protection of a trademark in several countries by simply filing a registration application with the International Bureau of WIPO via the national office, using one language and paying the fees in a single currency (Swiss francs). Currently, the Madrid System is made up of 98 members.

Ensuring trademark protection is an important step in the activity of any company that wants to promote a product or service, differentiating it from those of competitors by means of distinctive elements.