Doina Sulac has the most Applications for Registration of Objects protected by Copyright and Related Rights


The top of authors who submitted the most applications for registration of works with the State Agency on Intellectual Property (AGEPI) is opened by Doina Sulac. The singer filed 45 applications for registration of musical works, mostly transmitted by inheritance from her father.

The silver medal in the top is held by Andrei Zapsa with 32 applications for registration of objects of copyright and related rights. The best known of his works is the trilogy “Великая битва”, registered in 2015.

The bronze medal belongs to Evghenia Craciun with 27 applications for registration of literary works including children’s books, one of which is “Abecedar şi numărătoare partea II”, registered in 2012.

Thus, with the State Agency on Intellectual Property, in 2015 only, were filed 313 applications for registration of objects protected by copyright and related rights. In total, with the AGEPI, since 1991 to date, the number of registration applications reached 5270.

We should note that the author enjoys the protection of the rights on his work after its creation. For the emergence and exercise of copyright is not required the registration of work, no other act of notification or other formalities. However, many authors choose to register their works to place them into the economic circuit and to have the registration certificate as proof.