At disposal of the interested persons – CD “Inventions protected in the Republic of Moldova”


AGEPI provides an access to the national collection of patents of RM and collections of other countries containing nearly 20 millions of documents stocked on the optical discs. In particular, the mater concerns the collection of patents issued in RM; collection of European and international patent applications; patents collection “CISPATENT”, comprising the common regional CD edited monthly from 2002 in accordance with the agreements of cooperation of CIS states in the field of industrial property.

Among the editions meant for patent searches it shall be mentioned the CD “Inventions protected in the Republic of Moldova”, edited annually from 1999. It is ready to start the cumulative disc of 2007, comprising 1220 published patent applications, 3464 patents granted by AGEPI in the period of 1993-2007 and 80 certificates of utility models granted in 2004-2007.

The titles and abstracts of the inventions are represented in Romanian, English and Russian, and the claims - in Romanian.

The disc is provided for carrying out the patent documentations on the inventions legal protected on the territory of RM. The authors had the scope to facilitate, and increase the effectiveness of the experts, applicants, owners, counselors and representatives activity in the field of industrial property. The CD information may be also very important for the businessmen the activity of which is centered on the elaboration and commercialization of the innovative products based on the last creations in the field of science and technology.

The disc is provided with a program of access to the information, permitting the documentations using the criteria complex system. The guide menu contains instructions. The program is functioning in the operational system Microsoft Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP. The necessary minimum configuration: 40 MB HDD, 32 MB RAM and a processor of the 486 generation.

AGEPI also proposes to the interested persons a CD “Inventions created in the Republic of Moldova” – index on the paper and electronic support of the period of 1963-1992 by the inventors of Moldova, including those made in cooperation with the authors of other countries. There are represented the titles of inventions (in Romanian, English and Russian), filing date, IPC classes, names of inventors, names of applicants, numbers of the author certificates, publishing date etc.

The respective discs may be ordered or consulted in the Center of Information and Documentation, AGEPI.