The Contest “Trademark of the Year 2013” Has Started


Beginning with November 4 this year, there started the file submission procedure for participation in the Contest “Trademark of the Year 2013”. At the contest may be submitted trademarks for the entire range of products and/or services of the company or registered trademarks for certain types of products/services and their combinations.

The contest is organized by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry together with the State Agency on Intellectual Property in order to promote successful practices in the field of marketing and branding, constituting a test of competitiveness of Moldovan products and services based on an assessment of trademarks, made by a professional jury and by consumers from the Republic of Moldova.

During the ten editions held since 2003, in the framework of the contest were submitted over a thousand projects across the country.

The main objectives of the Contest “Trademark of the Year 2013” are: to make a larger contribution as possible to the unification of national producers’ efforts in their entrepreneurial activity; to assess the most successful projects in the field of creation and promotion of indigenous trademarks on domestic and external market, as well as to highlight the originality of brands creators and to reveal the most effective ways to promote trademarks, including the degree of trademark recognition among consumers.

At the contest are admitted trademarks which, at the time of filing the application for participation in the contest, are registered with the AGEPI and are available in our country. Owners of the foreign trademarks available in the Republic of Moldova can also participate in the contest.

The most important distinction is the Contest is “Golden Mercury”, followed by gold, silver and bronze medals. “Trademark of the Year 2013” is the only contest in Moldova that has legal power to give the winners the right to use the symbols “Trademark of the Year” for advertising purposes, on goods and labels.

The official ceremony of awarding the winners of the contest will take place in the framework of the annual National Exhibition “Made in Moldova”, which will take place from 29 January to 2 February 2014.

The contest rules, the set of required documents, the composition of the Organizing Committee, and other useful information can be found on