In attention of the applicants and representatives of industrial property. Transliteration of the trademarks


In view of non-unified interpretation of the term “Transliteration” in the procedure of trademarks registration AGEPI introduces the following clarify:

In order to respect the reg. 2.1.1. and 9.12 of the Regulations on application of the Law no. 588/1995 on the trademarks and appellations of origin (the part related to the trademarks) the verbal signs represented in the other letters than the Latin ones and transliteration of these letters in the Moldavian letters shall be performed according to the rule 9.4.)xii) of the Common Regulations on Application of the Madrid Agreement on registration of the International Marks and the Protocol thereto: transliteration in the Moldovan letters or in the Latin letters shall follow in accordance with the phonetics of the language in which there executed the verbal elements of the filed sign; the same mode shall be used in the inverse operation.